Monday, 29 July 2013

And the Winners Are....

I apologise for the length of time it has taken me to blog about the names that got pulled out of our fateful hat...  the winners were chosen in that very simple way.  Names written on pieces of paper, folded into four and then one pulled out by each of my children.

As you may know, here I posted about my Giveaway (in homage to the anniversary of my first ever blog post) and my Carry it Forward (due to being fantastically fortunate to win goodies from Hen back in February).

And the Winners are:
Giveaway Goodies were won by Jann
Jennifer from Thistlebear
The Carry it Forward Goodies were won by Jennifer!
Well done to both of you!! 

A big thank you to the other two of you that entered.  If I'm completely honest, I was a little disappointed by the number of entries - but it was good for those of you who did enter to have fewer numbers to compete with!!  My little blog is only read by a select and highly valued few (yes... YOU!).  I think I'll finally be sharing it with my friends and family later this year - it's funny how I started blogging to strangers before making my wider family aware.  Although I would say I feel like some of you have become friends over this year - one of the best things about my blogging journey.

I really would like to thank you ALL for entering - and indeed for being my regular 'bloggy friends' here at Simple Things.

Happy Monday Friends,
J9 x

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  1. Hi Janine! I'm so excited to win your giveaway! I enjoy your blog a lot and I am proud to be part of an elite group of readers. :) I would like to email you with my address but I don't see a way to do that; you should be able to email me through my Blogger profile, or you can email me at haysjen @ gmail dot com (take out spaces, etc.). Thank you!