Thursday, 18 July 2013

Pretty Filter - To 'Girlify' A Bike!

Our bargain last month was little Lady's bike from the charity shop.  It felt like the universe was working in our favour and the purchase was completely meant to be.  It was the right size, right price and right time - so it came home with us.

Little lady was delighted. 

A little later she came to me and said "Mummy, can we girly it up a bit?"  Of course we can.  Bless her.  She was so accepting that the bike was a sensible purchase - but it was a dull grey and she had visions of a prettier specimen.

We added some spoke decorations and a basket from Halfords - bought with some money she had been saving for her new bike.  Some holographic stickers from the craft cupboard added extra colour to the paintwork.... and then for some crochet LoVe.

Just what could these be?

Any ideas?

How about if I photograph them like this?!

I found a few inspirational images here and here.  That evening I had a good look on the internet for 'research' and also pinned more homemade bicycle accessory ideas to my newest Pinterest Board!  Then a girly discussion ensued, colours were chosen and I set to work. 

A colourful seat cover was created:

...and some funky handlebar streamers finished the makeover - plaited long ends with beads added in complementing colours finished the covers...

Crochet cheeriness!

A happy, colourful bike - perfect to suit a happy, colourful little lady.

The reward I felt on this little project was priceless.  Life is good when you're 7 and your mummy prettified your bike!

Thanks for reading,
J9 x
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  1. Replies
    1. You are sooo right - although isn't it a bit sad we don't see that in ourselves - just others?! J9x

  2. Awe, so cute. Pinned to my crochet board:) Stop by

    1. Oh wow!! Thanks - I'll come take a peek! Can't believe my little make has been pinned! Thanks ever so, J9 x

  3. Now is that the sweetest girly bike you ever did see? You are the bestest mom! Thanks for sharing with SYC.

    1. Oh you are tooo kind! I've shown little lady your comment - and she was so chuffed you said it was sweet and girly - top marks to you! J9 x

  4. Can I just point out that forks are on backwards on that bike... not ideal safety wise, so get them put right. Nice decoration ideas though!