Monday, 8 July 2013

My Big Boy's Birthday

On 25th June our little man turned 6.  It left me musing on just where time goes.

He's a joyful character full of love, adventure and mischief.  Currently, his favourite things to do are:
  • to play knights and castles,
  • to play batman,
  • play with cars,
  • Top Trumps and
  • rough and tumble with Daddy.
Otherwise, it's outside...  playing football, swingball, basket ball, tennis, chase, on the trampoline, scooting, bike riding, catch...  You name it, if it's outdoors he loves it.

He requested a dinosaur cake - again I looked to Pinterest for inspiration.  I made 4 round sandwich cakes (8in tins).  Cut one round in half to form the hump back of the body and then continued to cut the remaining parts of the body from the remaining cakes.  I used the curves of the outside of the cake rounds to sculpt the shape of the tail, neck etc.

After butter creaming and laying over the fondant I started adding detail.  I vaguely wanted the dinosaur to have a stegosaurus features and little man did state that that's what type of dinosaur it was - so it wasn't too far off.

I really enjoyed making this cake.  I mixed the fondant colours and made the cakes the day before I cut, shaped it and put it all together the following day - and that approach seemed to work well.  It seemed more relaxed to do it that way - which is always good in my book!

Our family tradition for birthdays is that the cake is a big part - almost as big as the presents themselves... so it felt good to see his eyes light up as I brought it in to the dining room to the usual chorus of 'Happy Birthday'.  He knew for months that he wanted a dinosaur cake.  I wonder what the next requests will be!

Happy Birthday darling boy.

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Good Luck!

J9 x
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  1. Happy birthday to your son! That cake is beautiful, you did a fantastic job with it!

  2. Happy Birthday Little Dude! Man, they grow up fast, don't they? Your cake is AMAZING! You must have spent hours. I was going to show my own children the picture of the cake, but I won't be able to duplicate it, so I don't want to get their hopes up! :)

  3. Happy Birthday to your little guy! My kids saw the cake and were astounded! "Is she a baker?" they asked. Then my son said maybe we could do that for his next birthday. I'm going to tell you right now, that's not happening. ;)

  4. Oh he is adorable, such a precious smile. I love his cake, wow, that is totally impressive. Happy Birthday. Thanks tons for joining Inspire Me. Hugs, Marty