Thursday, 13 March 2014

Late February Forays

Not many words - just a catch up...

:: Our Family Valentine's Party Tea

::  The best cake (Victoria Sandwich) I've made this year with love hearts decorating the top!

::  I attempted cake pops for the first... and last time!  So much faff for a mouth full of cake!!

::  Baked alaska - a flan base, ice cream sealed in with meringue and cooked in the oven - the ice cream stays solid.  Proud moment when I presented this to the kids.

::  Beanie Babies are still a favourite in this house.  They get played with every day and cuddled even more...

::  Little Man was awarded Man of the Match - how happy can a little boy be with a bit of plastic on loan for a week?  Love it.

::  Our Christmas present from Granny - we went to see the West End show of The Lion King which is touring the West Country.  What a fantastic opportunity for the kids.  Thank you Granny!!

::  Our family day out @Bristol.  Little Lady and I are amazed by this exhibit - a huge interactive pumping system which you can control.  Locks, water wheels, pumps and pulley systems - all good hands on learning!

Simple things and happy times...

J9 x


  1. It looks as though you have been having some lovely times out and about and partying at home too!! Lots of happy in your house which is a lovely thing. xx

  2. Scrumptious cake, happy smiles and I love the shade you showed in the previous post!
    Thanks for sharing,

  3. What a great time you all had. Your baking looks wonderful. I would tend to agree about the cake pops but good for you for trying. I'm sure they enjoyed it all. :)

  4. It looks delicious & a couple of lovely days out.

  5. Oh, how I love baked Alaska. Lovely tea party!