Friday, 7 March 2014

World Book Day 2014

Yesterday saw the children participating in World Book Day by dressing once again as a character from a favourite book.  Little Lady knew instantly which book she wanted to take in - 'Fairy Dust' about a fairy called "Star" from a series of books by the author Gwyneth Rees, which she has thoroughly enjoyed.

Fairy Dreams

I picked up a very frilly skirt from the charity shop that was perfect for Star (the one on the left) and made some silver cardboard stars to go on her bunches which combined with some fairy wings from the dress up box and some other pink clothes from her drawers made her costume nice and easy!

Little Man however was much less decided.  His first instinct was Horrid Henry - but both his bestie's were already going in their 'proper' Henry costumes so he decided against that.  Options of monsters, crocodiles, dinosaurs were mulled over (in fact a pin board was created with this in mind) until an astronaut and space book were selected.  I looked at this on pinterest and thought that any little boy - especially my little boy, would LoVE this.  So I set about making him a jet pack inspired by the original image I found.  I added a circuit board type front so that he could control his jet pack!

It also helped to balance out the weight across his body and it felt more securely held in place.  I'll take a picture of him wearing it and share it with you another time!

The project was finished late the night before the big day...  At six AM the next morning, Little Man entered my bedroom and quietly asked if he could not wear his jet pack.  He didn't want it to get damaged throughout the day and was worried someone would break it...  Despite many reassurances that I could make another or we could mend any damage, his mind was made up.

So Batman from our dress up box was selected and his favourite book of Lego Batman was the accompanying text.
LEGO Batman Visual Dictionary - Hardback - 9781409377504

He much prefers information books of all varieties as opposed to the novels that his sister prefers.  An interesting but very noticeable difference between them.  I know my sister successfully encouraged her boys to continue reading through using comics and annuals instead of story books after a certain age - any reading is good after all!

I've made all his other costumes for World Book day so far and so felt a little reticent that we had succumbed to such a character but to be honest, when he ran around the playground with his cape flying in the wind behind him I couldn't help but smile.  It was completely big Boyness.

The jet pack has been worn around the house this morning before school and will undoubtedly have some good play value too - so everyone's a winner!  I hope you had some positive experiences of World Book day wherever you are.  If you are interested last year's World Book day post is here.

Have a good weekend lovely readers - we're off to stay with my mum for the weekend.  Hectic but happy. It looks like sunshine too so maybe a trip to the sea could be in order!  Fingers crossed!
J9 x


  1. It looks as though they are both very happy in their costumes, and how lovely that your jet pack making is obviously such a hit that it has to be so carefully looked after!! What a great Mum you are! xx

    1. Oh Bless you Amy - that's a nice thought. I'm not sure - maybe he was being kind to me and just felt too shy to wear it in public! Either way, it ended up well! J9 x