Monday, 24 March 2014

Simple Pleasures - A Perspective in Poetry

Little Lady wrote some poetry recently - alone, without help.  The pride and love in my heart while I read it felt overwhelming.  I know my children are incredibly intuitive.  I know that we try to be good role models and share values and morals which we hope will add to their future happiness.

At certain times though, it is important to identify that it is the children that have the insight of what is to be valued in life.  They know the truth and wonder in the world - certainly the world they have access to.  Reading this poem encouraged me to recognise this and to look at these simple pleasures and take joy from seeing things through a child's eyes.

My Heart Soars

The beauty of a sunny, daisy filled hill,
The softness of the fluffy, white clouds on a summers day.
The fragrance of the colourful flowers,
The taste of creamy chocolate.
The sound of calming music 
They speak to me 
And my heart soars.

Age 8

Stock image of 'daisy flowers on sunny blue sky'

I hope you find your own 'daisy filled hill' or some other Simple Thing to make your heart soar this week.
J9 x


  1. Oh! Such a beautiful poem and how wonderful that she is so aware of such wonderful things and such simple pleasures. xx

  2. That is just lovely, What a talented young girl you have there.

  3. This is so sweet, and she probably wonders why you made such a fuss over it. My daughter used to write amazing descriptive pieces in one particular class when she was about that age. One that still makes me smile is a description of her visit to my parents' home. All the things that drew her attention were places I had played as a child too ... very special :) Wendy x