Saturday, 17 January 2015

Happy Moments #1

These posts are nothing new or original.  They are an illustration of my gratitude for Simple Things in my life over time.  Project Gratitude helped me to heal emotionally following my accident and has now become habit in my everyday life.  This was a major reason for me creating this blog as I was writing about these things anyway.  Through adopting this practice I have found (as have so many others) that taking the time to reflect and be grateful for all the little things that make up our days... changes the routine into special times to be appreciated.

Quotes | Your mind is a powerful thing. When you fill it with positive thoughts your life will start to change.

I'm really enjoying...

::  My Energetic Companion
Hee hee, this picture makes me laugh!!  Milo is such an indoor dog I cannot begin to tell you - excepting his two favourite places: the garden (in dry weather only) and any beach.  Last Monday (an inset day) we made the most of a dry spell and ventured out to Brean Down.  It is a favourite choice - great for blowing the cobwebs away and for burning off some energy.  Milo literally ran and ran, playing fetch, eating seaweed, meeting new friends and generally bounding around in complete exhileration.  It is lovely to watch.  As you can see from the picture though, he got rather messy and after a bath I'm sure there was approximately half of the beach in the bottom of the bath tub!!

::  Loom Creativity
Apologies for the poor picture quality but this 'fad' is still in full swing chez nous.  Little Lady struggled with the return to school and missing out on time together.  To solve this constructively (I told her it's the law to go to school much to her disgust) we established a "Time Together" contract.  Essentially, we make the most of the hours after school (when clubs allow) to create, make and play.  I felt really positive about this - she requested to spend more quality time with me and we carved out a plan so we could make sure this happens - regardless of my health.  So, we can loom, read, play cards etc (from a predetermined list I'll have you know!) in my big bed if needs be.  She just wanted to know we could do it and when... LuSH!

This week it has comprised lots of looming.  She received £10 from her lovely Aunty and Uncle for Christmas and chose to spend it on the above magnificent case.  She was beyond delighted.  We have made bracelets, people, butterflies and have many more patterns in our sights.  Little Lady is far better than I - my bands keep snapping much to my frustration but it is the time, not the act that we both value.  The gentle conversation that ebbs and flows so naturally whilst sat in concentration together.
::  Hyacinth Love
I bought this for myself last week and it is just coming into bloom.  I have such anticipation for the smells that these pretty flowers produce.  The anticipation of slowly watching the flower heads grow each day and begin to open out on my kitchen window sill gives me pleasure each time I enter the room.
::  Comfort Food
My meal plan has included some lovely comforting home made food this week.  Shepherds pie with cheesy topping, a nice roast chicken and our favourite homemade pasties!!  These were swede, potato, onion and cheese - a pinch of seasoning and a small knob of butter to aid the juices.  Hmmmm.  The diet isn't going too well ;0)

::  Date Day
Enjoying a cappuccino with my Hubby in a 'new to us' sheltered nook on Clevedon sea front.  I think we'll come back another day with the kids for an explore!  Why does sipping coffee that has a frothy top and is brought to you by someone else seem so very luxurious?!  I'm a cheap date I think ;o)

I find real joy in pausing to appreciate the little things in life and know that it adds greatly to my well-being.  It has been a week where I've needed to recognise them; whilst trying to fight off some horrible virus.  I hope you have enjoyed some happy moments this week too.

Happiness is letting go of what you think your life is supposed to look like and celebrating it for everything that it is.

Happy weekend lovely people.  Next week I shall provide an update on my hall Pretty Me project  and my Make Me project!!  Both of these have consumed my child free time this past week and have meant I've not been online at all since my last post!  Hopefully I'll grab a while to catch up with your lovely blogging soon!
J9 x


  1. That sounds like a lovely week. Brean is somewhere I've been meaning to visit for ages, I really must take the children there, I know they'd love it. We're often at Clevedon though, it's great for children - lots of rocks for scrambling over, sea glass to be found and a nice long front for scooting along. Your after school time with Little Lady sounds lovely. There's something very special about the quiet chit chat as you work on something together. I hope you have a wonderful Sunday and another good week Janine. CJ xx

  2. Such lovely happy moments. Somehow you and your daughter spending time together made me a little teary - in a good way - at the wonderfulness of that. It is a beautiful thing. I love pasties and yours look delicious!! I hope you have lots more happy times this week. xx

  3. I like your idea of scheduling specific times for your daughter. How important must she feel to know that she is top priority in Mum's schedule on paper as well as in your heart. Apart from the practical nature of this, it is a great way to boost and maintain a child's self-esteem. You are very wise.
    When our children grow up, it isn't the activities or bought things that they hold most fondly in their hearts and memories, it is the time that parents took to be with them, pay attention to them, listen to them and put their needs first and foremost. My children frequently remind me that they don't begrudge that I got too sick for them to do a lot of the things that other children do - they tell me "the best thing is that now you are not going out to work, you are home more for us and always there for a cuddle or a chat".
    Doing a quiet activity, one on one, has allowed my children to open discussion about personal issues that may otherwise not have an opportunity to be aired elsewhere in the family routine. Some of the most significant conversations and personal growth have happened in this way and it gives me, as a parent, new insights into my children's perspectives.
    Like you, often this is all while I am propped up in bed or laying on the couch and that doesn't seem to matter as much as the fact that I am 'present' physically and spiritually with them. What a lovely post you have shared today.

  4. This is such a wonderful post. As I type we are having a blizzard of epic proportions here on the east coast of USA and I am realizing how important it is to live a simple and mindful life. Your post has reminded me of that. Also, your enthusiastic partner knows how to have fun indeed. I laughed as well!