Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Make Me Progress ~ Mid January

Stitch by stitch, each day I make a little progress on this blanket and continue to be delighted with the pattern.  I did however, make a rookie error whilst joining the squares (something that I'm not very practiced in).  I used Sandra's amazing instructions (provided with the pattern) but got carried away a bit and joined identical squares together (at the column joining stage) by mistake.  To avoid this mistake I simply had to turn the column.  A simple mistake but I had nearly completed the joining process by the time I realised that my rose centres weren't alternating.

I confess, I did consider leaving it and just carrying on but I knew that each time I saw the blanket in future it would be the thing that I noticed rather than feel pleasure from having completed it.  So, this meant pulling it apart and rejoining them correctly.... grrr.  I have joined most of the squares now and this is where I have gone off pattern.  The reasons for not using the pattern faithfully were partly for speed, partly because of my rheumatic hands getting sore and partly because I was crocheting the larger sized lap blanket and thought that some plainer squares would offset the more intricate designs of the roses well.  So, I completed the Painted Roses squares and flanked them on all sides with basic granny squares.

I have joined the squares with yarn that I had in my stash (purely to make this blanket a little more thrifty) and I am now at the stage where the edging needs to be crocheted.

I have made a few Teeny Tiny Flowers to sew to the centres of the granny squares to help link it all together and to add a bit more texture.  I've yet to add these but I think they will be quite effective.

You may also remember that I plan to use a lovely teddy fleece to back the finished crochet blanket. I plan to join it with blanket stitch around the edge and then incorporate this into a crocheted scalloped edge.

I have two more weeks to go until the planned 'Gifting' day so I hope to make quick work of the final stages.

I look forward to sharing my first Make Me ~ Ta Dah  of 2015 soon!!

J9 x


  1. Oh wow - I love, love, love this! It's simply beautiful, well done you :-) Love the pretty colour combos you've used too and it's going to look even more fab with it's all edged & finished. Happy hooking! xx

  2. Janine, what a fabulous blog and what a stunning blanket! What great colour choices. Thank you so much for leaving a comment on my blog. I am enjoying this GYOB party, what fun! You are quite right, we do seem to have a similar approach to life ;) Glad to be following along on your blogging journey.

  3. Wow, it's gorgeous, really striking. I love the plainer squares round the edge as well, it sets off the flowers beautifully. Well done you, your lucky recipient will no doubt absolutely love it. It's a great idea to back it with fleece as well. I shall look forward to seeing it when it's completed. CJ xx

  4. It's absolutely beautiful. I can't wait to see it finished. What a truly gorgeous gift x

  5. what a gorgeous gorgeous blanket... it happens with me very often, off I'd go speeding and then realize I made mistakes...

    Love the color combo and your edging is simply fabulous!!

  6. Such a gorgeous blanket, I think it's going to be stunning.
    Clare xx

  7. So beautiful!!! The painted rose squares are stunning, and the little flowers for the middles of the border squares coordinate so well!! Love it!! xx

  8. WOW! it's beautiful!
    Happy weekend
    love Jooles x x x