Saturday, 20 June 2015

Five on Friday

Just a quick post from me today.  I thought I'd share five happy moments from the last 24 hours and join in with Amy's Five on Friday party...

#1  Weston Sand Sculpture Festival

This years Sand Sculpture Festival is based upon a theme of celebrating the sculptures of the last 10 years.  I had purchased a Groupon pass for us and it was a great value experience.  I will post about this visit more fully next week and share some more of these sculptures - we did really enjoy the Festival.  I have to say, in my opinion, the sculptures weren't as intricate as they have been in previous years and I do prefer a specific theme to the creativity.  However, as a family day out the sculptures were enjoyable and fascinating none the less!!!

#2  Weston Air Festival

This annual festival takes place this weekend and we decided to coincide our visit to the Sand Sculpture Festival with the event to make the most of the experience.  The Red Arrows unfortunately were cancelled today as the clouds descended but they are due to fly tomorrow.  The above photo is from the display of kit planes who are self funded and had only been doing displays within the last year.  They were of a great standard considering they were over 50% kit planes!!!

#3  Brother & Sister time

Bickering has been in full flow over the past couple of weeks between these two.  Nothing serious just little annoyances being aired - largely I think due to tiredness and readjusting to being back at school after the half term holiday.  I find they always need a bit of time to readjust once they are not with each other 24:7.

This photograph captures a lovely moment from earlier today though.  They were sat laughing, chatting, picking grass seeds and throwing them in the air whilst also watching the different air displays overlooking the sea front.  It's good to remember these moments during those times of readjustment when my patience is tested!

#4  Tree Climbing

Little Lady's places of choice seem to be a) in a homemade den and / or b) up a tree.  These don't seem to change.  Either place is a happy place for her and she physically seeks them out.

#5  Park Play

We had parked a little way off the sea front - so as to avoid the volume of traffic and people.  After leaving the hub bub of the main arena we decided to sit and enjoy one of the town parks that we were walking back through towards the car.  The boys played football and Little Lady climbed trees.  I sat happily on a park bench watching the activity - sometimes watching them and sometimes casting my eyes skywards to the various planes and helicopters in flight.  A thoroughly enjoyable afternoon.

So those are my Five things.  Simple enough but they made me very happy.  I do hope you have a wonderful Father's Day for those celebrating tomorrow.  The boys are off to a football tournament and Little Lady and I are planning to peruse the lovely shops in Wells (where the tournament is taking place).  We've then been invited to a BBQ with friends so fingers crossed the weather stays dry.

Enjoy your day whatever you are doing.  Take care until next time,

J9 x


  1. Lovely to see the sand sculpture. We went past the other day but we didn't go in so it's good to see what was in there. Glad you had a good time. Masses of bickering and tree climbing here as well. CJ xx

  2. Five wonderful very happy times and things to do!!!!! I hope that the tournament goes well tomorrow and that you girls have a nice time too! Wells is a lovely place so I am sure that you will enjoy it a great deal. Thank you so much for joining in. I hope that you have a great week! xx

  3. fun [even the bickering] is all part of a great life and your family are living right!!

    In fact, I think the brother and sister image is my favorite. Not to mention the gorgeous RED hair!! I'm envious.

    Enjoyed your shares today.

  4. Wonderful five, lovely family photos and family time. Can't beat it. Thanks for your lovely comment at my place, and for the follow :)

  5. I love the brother and sister image. Weston seems like a very fun place to be.

  6. What a lovely week you had! I miss my children being small and living at home. I have been reading bits form some other posts and you have a gorgeous family. Have a wonderful weekend!

  7. It is these simple things that are the best and happiest. I am glad you have been able to find contentment in your week. Your daughter reminds me of mine - always up a tree and we have a great climbing tree in our front garden! It is sad to read statistics about modern children that say that many children have never climbed a tree! Is that due to over-protective parents, overbooked schedules or land clearing causing a lack of suitable tree-climbing trees? Perhaps urban environments have no room for trees? Our children are the lucky ones.
    I am glad you had some lovely family times.

  8. Lovely happy things, and fun memories being created for you all. Looking forward to reading more about the sand sculptures, it sounds interesting. Happy Sunday and enjoy your day out & about,

  9. Absolutely love your five on Friday photos... happy family times and precious memories!

  10. You had a busy 24 hours! Fun seems to be had by all! Was Father's Day a relaxing day at home after your busy Saturday? :) Have wonderful week! XXOX Bronwyn

  11. Wow, those sand sculptures! I don't know how they get them so perfect. Your weekend sounds lovely, full of simple moments and family time. x