Tuesday, 30 June 2015

May Half Term Round Up

During the week long break, we took the opportunity to holiday in London for 3 nights.  This took a bit of meticulous planning on my front, as I can assure you that traversing London Underground in a wheelchair is extremely challenging.  In fact, I came to learn that doing most things in London in a wheelchair was challenging.

We stayed this Premier Inn in Kensington, which worked really well.  We had a lovely big room, fantastic breakfasts - wonderfully friendly staff and a quiet space - which meant we all slept really well despite being in a shared room.

We had a few must do's on the list:
  • Buckingham Palace
  • Experience the Underground
  • Natural History Museum
  • Science Museum
  • Harrods, and a
  • Touristy Bus Tour
We had been visiting family in Buckinghamshire so we travelled from Milton Keynes to Euston on a fast track virgin train - which the children absolutely LoVED!!!  It was so fast it literally tilted on the rails and got us there in 25mins another exciting experience for the Littlie's.

When we arrived we headed straight for the hotel to leave our luggage and then headed straight back out to the Natural History Museum.

This is my favourite museum in London.  It was a different experience in a wheelchair again... and it was less busy because the sun was shining and the Queen was opening up the new Government and so many tourists were lining the streets elsewhere to catch sight of her.

After this we moved on to the Science Museum.  I have to say this suited my children so well - interactive displays, experiments to complete and lots of large scale exhibitions on view.

They absolutely loved it.  So much so that we returned on our last day instead of going to Hamleys!!!  Now that must mean success on the Science front.

For the second day I had booked a Hop on Hop off Bus Tour by Golden Tours.

This worked well for us with the wheelchair - although on occasion we double backed a few times on different routes, but we were sat down so it didn't really matter.  This was a fab way to see all the top tourist spots in London if you are unable to walk.  We could see it all from a great vantage point and I'd really encourage you to book one if you were doing this for the first time with children.

We had a GrEAT time and on quite a small budget.  I had booked the room as a deal months in advance, booked the Bus Tour and we were given a complimentary extra day free and a boat cruise, the kids ate for free at breakfast if one adult had a full English and we gathered for 'floor picnics' in the room from the local Wagamama each evening whilst watching the Britains Got Talent Finals. The days were tiring and full; the children's bedtime was a little later and our bedtime came a bit earlier so we all went to sleep at the same time.

We really felt like we weren't scrimping despite the London prices.  I had packed a load of snacks and drinks... The last day I really wanted the Littlie's to experience a bit of Harrods (we went to go and have tea in a cafe and found out that a slice of cake was £9 each!) So we settled for purchasing some cookies from the food hall and eating them in the picnic area of the Science Museum!!

All in all we had a wonderful experience during our few days in London.   I'm super glad that we did it and that the children got to witness our capital city.  We feel so remote from the city life that an insight into it can be really positive.  The Littlie's loved it... the memories are banked and a good holiday was had.

We came back happy but exhausted and had a really lazy weekend before the return to school and work on the Monday...

Due to my inflammatory flare this post has taken ages for me to write but even though we are about to say goodbye to June I've enjoyed looking back at our end of May!!!  I hope you have too.
Take care until next time,
J9 x


  1. Well i can tell by the smiles on their faces that they had a wonderful time!! I would have too!!! Hugs! deb

  2. What a great trip! London IS very expensive, but definitely not to be missed by anyone of any age. Afton and I loved the Nat. His. Museum too. In fact she lists that as her #1 memory of our trip to London back in March. We "ate at Harrods" too- we bought takeaway sandwiches and ate on one of the benches outside! :) I can't imagine the underground in a wheelchair. It's hard enough to travel up and down those escalators on 2 feet! I am gad you were successful and had a marvellous few days with your littles!

  3. I am glad that you have had something so wonderful to look back on while you have not been so good. That is what the good times are for isn't it. Looks and sounds as though you had a truly wonderful time. We discovered those bus tours a few years ago, they really are great aren't they! Glad you had a lovely time! xx

  4. That sounds like a really wonderful and well planned visit. It's definitely possible to do London on a budget. Harrods is a shocker though isn't it! Lovely to see Shaun the Sheep, no doubt he will be all around Bristol over the summer. CJ xx

  5. What a lovely break for everyone. I would love to visit London one day. I can't believe Harrod's prices, they certainly don't cater for the hoi poloi do they?


  6. Your post was so interesting and it was good that your wheelchair enabled you to get about and enjoy the sights with your children. Your tips about getting around are very useful, especially for doing it with a family on a budget. I doubt that I will ever get to travel to London, but I have children who are keen to see it one day so your pictures and stories are much appreciated. Wishing you a steady recovery. xxx

  7. It looks like a really fun trip, Janine! I loved reading about the ways you scrimped and saved money because I try to do all the same things on a vacation and sometimes I wonder if I'm being TOO "frugal" so it's nice to see that I'm not alone. I really felt like I was reading about my own vacation last month. :) I'm glad it wasn't too difficult for you to enjoy the sights and attractions in your wheelchair, that's very important. I hope you're feeling better soon. Take care and have a good weekend.