Monday, 10 September 2012

Celebrating 10 years of Marriage in Bath

I met my husband during our first year at University way back in 1996.  I knew very quickly that the relationship we had was very special.   We married at the Alverton Manor in Truro on August 16th 2002.  It was a marvellous day and although we'd lived together for years beforehand, it made us feel more complete.

Through all our ups and downs of life we are each other's constant. 

We were so lucky to celebrate our 10 year wedding anniversary in Bath.  We had a fantastic day starting with a coffee and relax in the square watching the street artists.

I took a trip to Cath Kidston and purchased some naughty but nice things ;0)  It was all half price so of course I left the shop triumphant!!  Both the material and the wallpaper are for future furniture makeovers I have in mind.  The paper chains were from a little independent shop but are my kinda thing so they were purchased with a big grin!!

We wandered around, exploring little side streets and resting when my body wouldn't go on.  It was a wonderfully relaxed and indulgent day out.  Something that we so rarely have the opportunity to do. 

One thing other than the beautiful architecture that grabbed me was the shop window display  below.  Apologies for the quality of the photo - I've tried many times to get a better picture but essentially, these are all vintage singer sewing machines used as the shop front. 

I thought it was inspiring and completely beautiful.

It was made even more special by the knowledge that the littlies were happy and safe with 'Uncle & Auntie' and were being treated like royalty!!

The day was completed with high tea at the Pump Room.

It is such a beautiful room it takes your breath away.  The central chandelier and cornicing all add to the grandeur and I could so imagine being an aristocrat, dancing merrily around the ballroom all those years ago! 
We had a complimentary glass of champagne and the service, food and ambience was spectacular.  We returned home having consumed far too much but with a happy glow in our heart.  It is the memory of days like this that carry us through the demands of busy life.   What a treat indeed!

 J9 x


  1. Congratulations on your 10th Anniversary and glad to hear you had such an enjoyable day. I look forward to seeing what you make with your Cath Kidston goodies.

    Best wishes,
    Penny x

  2. Happy Anniversary! Sounds like a wonderful way to celebrate. So much fun and a beautiful setting. I'm now following you on GFC. :)

  3. Hello there!! Thanks for finding my little bit of cyber land!! I'm happy to see you visiting!! I do love Bath and although it's only an hour away from us it's not somewhere we go often. Very beautiful surroundings though!! Welcome as my 2nd follower!! J9 x