Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Rainbow Magic Fairy Party

On 7th September R celebrated her 7th birthday.  Time is passing so quickly and I cannot believe that 7 years have passed since she joined our family.  A precious gift indeed.

This year, she requested a 'puppy' birthday cake for months (since June in fact!).  In the last few days before her birthday she decided that she'd rather have a rainbow magic birthday cake - with a puppy on it!?!  Oh right, yes.... I'm sure I can muster up something!!

I wasn't enormously impressed with my efforts I have to say.  Ruby the Red Fairy was very difficult to make - flat and in 3D!!  But R and her friends did gasp with excitement (I love that feeling!)

We always decorate the lounge after the children have gone to bed on the eve of their birthday so they wake to the surprise on their birthday morning.  I tried to continue the rainbow theme - I made some quick felt bunting (and added a few colours to the rainbow - maybe artistic license?!)....

....and hung balloons in colourful arches.  It did the trick anyway and we woke to squeals of delight as they entered the lounge.

On Saturday, we had a few friends over for a party tea.  R had very few requests - she wanted to play in the garden, make a fairy den and do something 'arty'.  We've never encouraged the 'big' party thing and each year they seem to be delighted with a home run party or a family day out.  When R suggested her requests it did warm my heart...such simple things to achieve happiness.  Great I thought - 'arty' just up my street!!

So, we decorated fairy wing biscuits...

Little B had a friend over and they decorated dinosaur biscuits.  I just love the look of concentration on this little tiger's face!

....Made glow stick wands

Then ate and played pass the parcel in the fairy den:

I have to say we all adored the fairy den and would love it to be a permanent fixture but I'll have to take it down in a couple of days as you can't see the television with it up (plus it's attached to our light fitting so not sure it's entirely appropriate!).  I got the voile at the local charity shop a week before the party - I went in on the offchance they had some voile curtains and there was this fabric - just waiting for me.  Some of it has elves and fairies printed on it - it definitely was the universe working on my side!!  It's true to say that I skipped (metaphorically speaking) to the checkout astonished at my luck!

And then we played all sorts of games outside (thankfully the weather was extremely kind).  I hid colourful marbles outside and the children searched for them - I told them that the premise of the game was that Jack Frost had stolen the colours of the rainbow and they had to find them to bring colour back to the world - simple, but they really enjoyed it!

We played Fairy Footsteps (which was miraculously similar to Grandmothers Footsteps!)

I also printed off some door hangers off this site . I reinforced them with card but they happily coloured these in and took them home!!

They also found delight in blowing bubbles for Milo (our Cavalier King Charles Spaniel) to burst.  He can jump feet - I've never seen a dog react to bubbles like it and it caused great laughter amonst R's friends.

So, another birthday celebrated and over before you know it.  I'm so proud of the big girl she is becoming.  A beautiful, feisty, independent, bright and cuddly girl who has brought real joy to our lives.  Thank you sweet heart.

I wonder what next year's partys will bring.  Both R & B asked us to have another party soon - "Just for fun!"  Hmmmm.... I do love a good party!  I heartily enjoyed the company of all the children during the afternoon, and I felt so blessed; that the sun had shone, R & her friends were so engaged with all the activities I'd sorted and that I could be part of their contagious excitement in life.  It goes to show that Simple Things are often those that produce so much happiness.

J9 x

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