Friday, 7 September 2012

Happy Holidays: The Final Installment!

The final day of our holiday was drizzly wet so we decided to head West.  "The weather always clears quicker" my mother says, "down the West".

We headed to Heartlands.  A fabulous development in mid Cornwall.  It's used European funding to rejuvenate historic tin mines and  it is very impressive! .  As a free to enter venture, it was well worth a visit.  My pictures didn't do it justice as it was raining while the kids played so I've included some from the site linked above.

Robinson's Engine House

R especially loved the pulley systems, cranes, sieves and sand tubes where you could play being a miner.  We only visited the play park and were forced to leave due to the weather deteriorating but the play equipment was so tactile and natural.  There were tunnels made of woven willow and all the climbing equipment was made from sustainable timber.  I loved the natural colours and textures in the adventure park, set against the backdrop of the repaired engine house it was quite remarkable.

Heartlands Cornwall

A holiday trip to the West Country would not be complete without a trip to my favourite place of all time, St. Ives.  Sadly, I was a little disappointed.  Not by the beauty of the beaches, the light or the sea.  We visited in peak season and the feeling is entirely different.  Since my father died we've spent 5 christmases staying in St. Ives.  There's nowhere else I'd rather be out of season.  The beautiful white sands, the turquoise seas and the selection of awesome beaches within walking distance is food for the soul.  With each breath it revitalises you.  Yes, I love the natural state of that place..... even on a misty wet day.

On this visit, I didn't even manage to hobble up the cobbles to the Cath Kidston store, through the crowds of people.  The town and harbour were immensely busy!!

We tried to escape the crowds and head to Porthmeor Cove; the children built in the sand and we enjoyed fabulously fresh fish and chips before heading home to Somerset.  It was a day of contentment and exploration, tinged with a little sadness for me.   I'm always a little melancholic when it comes to the day we leave.  I guess it's the knowing that I'm leaving my childhood home again... but leave we did.

The inevitable unpacking, washing and cleaning once home followed.  But we'd made memories to carry us through the mundane and routine.  I can let my mind wander anew to blue waters and rock pools with hidden splendour...

Happy Days.

J9 x

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