Saturday, 29 September 2012

New Beginnings

This summer I used YouTube to try to learn how to make basic granny squares.  I've wanted to learn how to crochet for sooo long and given the visual splendour of makes that can be seen across blogland there is no shortage of inspiration.

So, gradually I've practised and become fairly rhythmic at crocheting.  My efforts comprise this small but rewarding little collection of hooking bliss. 

Throughout the summer holidays I took my little tote bag in my handbag everywhere.  It was my 'go to' grab before heading out to parks, beaches, woods with kiddies. 

And since the children have returned to school and I have felt torn - sometimes savouring the quiet of our home and at other times mourning the silence in their absence, I've been continuing to crochet those little rounds.  I have a small collection of squares in my chosen colours. 

 I've counted and planned and looked at the piles a bit more.

It's surprisingly satisfying this new craft for me.  Fairly quick to make the couple rounds of the squares I've decided on starting with.  Relatively quickly I'm rewarded with another little square to add to my collection.  I feel creatively productive.  It's a great feeling!

I want to make the first 2 rounds solid block colours, then contrast the outer in another colour and set these against pale outer rounds.   I have no idea yet how to achieve the 'whole'.  I'm focused instead on creating my little rounds.  I'm sure YouTube will come to my rescue when I'm ready.

I read blog posts about the 'boring job of sewing in ends' and the onerous task of joining squares - it may as well be in a foreign language to me at present.  Because for now, I won't busy myself with how.  I remain content.  Happilly engrossed in making my basic squares and dreaming of the potential that these small squares can achieve.  I'm in no rush to finish.

I love the idea of my crochet beginnings.  The idea of working towards my goal of a sumptuous crocheted blanket is as much enjoyment for me as the finished article.  It's the process that gives me pleasure.  Something to work on, feel inspired by and something that can visually progress each time I can grab a moment.  So doubtless there will be much stacking and unstacking of little piles before I can 'ta dah' my finished blanket. 

I shall look forward to sharing the progress on this as I learn each required element along the path to create a crochet blanket.  I know I shall have to put this aside to create homemade gifts for the upcoming holiday time that is looming in the background.  But I shall return to my crochet...  for it gives me pleasure. 

Simple things hold such joy.  But then, you knew that anyway... It's me being inspired by so many people across the world.  How amazing is that?

Thank you.  Truly.  I feel blessed to witness such diversity of creativity.

J9 x


  1. I love all of the colours you have chosen. I have no doubt the blanket will be beautiful. It's great that you are content with the making of it instead of just yearning for the end result. I am learning to knit, and I get kind of impatient to finish my project.

  2. Oh thanks!! I've got a lime green to add into the mix too! Bare in mind it's my first project. I'm sure when it becomes more routine I'll be willing along the completion!! It's all still lovely and new - it's fun to learn something new isn't it? As a fairly scatty lady too I like that the required tools are relatively compact and minimal!! Thanks! J9 x

  3. You Tube is fab for this sort of thing isn't it? Never mind babies on roller skates, it's embroidery stitches, zips and knitting for me. Another opportunity for the kids to say "Oh Mum" with their eyes a rolling! And I agree about the process being as important as the end result, if not more. I've had the odd comment about my little crafty business such as " Well you're never going to make much money doing that" . My turn to roll my eyes - that's so not the point!

    Happy stitching,
    Penny x

    1. That's crazy!! Life's too short to do something that you don't love. Your sewing is really amazing so I'm sure you'll do well. If it works for you and your family that's all that matters!! If it makes you happy then that is priceless! J9 x