Monday, 23 February 2015

Half Term Happies

This half term has passed quietly and far too quickly.  I love these days of unscheduled activity where we can do whatever the heart pleases.  My Littlie's are growing noticeably at present - physically and emotionally.  These treasured days together are good for the soul and we tried to balance rest, purposeful activity and catching up with loved ones.

::  Pancake day and Baking naughtiness...

::  A couple days in Cornwall staying with my Mum...

A visit to the Hubby's biggest bro and family in Devon...  Normal family time in the interim moments.  Moments of chaos, calm or creativity.  All so very precious in the fabric of our lives.  It's a pleasure to reflect on these snippets of our simple life and to share them here with you.

I know you lovely people will enjoy the next photos.  This spot which edges a country road in my childhood village is always beautiful for spring flowers.  Initially the snow drops are abundant and later, the daffodils flower in wonderful tones of yellow which are followed in turn by primroses in cream.  I was completely adoring these stunning swathes of snowdrops...

I hope you had a wonderful half term / fabby week whatever you have been doing.  I'm looking forward to showing you my Ta Dah for the Painted Roses Blanket later this week.

Happy Monday Folks,

J9 x


  1. The country lane photos are lovely, and how wonderful to have spent time in Devon and Cornwall, two of my very favourite places. You're right, your little people are looking quite grown up, especially in the cafe (?) pictures. I'm really looking forward to seeing the finished Painted Roses blanket. CJ xx

  2. It looks like everyone had a good half term break:) The flowers along the country road look pretty, lucky you to be able to see them in ll their different stages.


  3. Sounds like a perfect Break!
    How nice it is to see Spring flowers...somewhere! I'm planning to visit a Spring Bulb Show at my former college in a couple of weeks time, to get a huge dose of color and aroma and set myself up for the real Spring which will follow.

  4. Such lovely times, but gosh, you are right, those snowdrops!! They are so beautiful aren't they, and it is so great to see them naturally growing and colonising an area! I hope that you can get back for the daffodils and primroses in due course. xx

  5. Such sweet kids you have! Your daughter's hair is gorgeous! Those little cupcakes look delish - I am all of a sudden hungry for sweets!! So jealous of your snowdrops. We just have TONS of SNOW here - 2 feet!! We are SO FAR from spring flowers here. I am coming to the UK in 2 weeks. I can't wait to catch a glimpse of spring while we are there- even if it is just for 8 days!

  6. You've had such a nice break. I love the photos of the kids, they've really grown lately! The country lane is beautiful, how lucky to grow up near such a pretty place. I hope you're having a good week.