Monday, 2 February 2015

Pretty Me Progress ~ January

As promised, I'm writing today to show you my progress on my January Pretty Me commitment - My Stairs and Landing.  Firstly, I must confess that I have failed to finish the project in the month of January.  It's not far off but due to my health I'm going to take all of February too.  Unfortunately, I found that I could not paint the walls and thus the Hubby and our kind neighbour have stepped in with their rollers.  I'm hoping I may be able to catch up with my personal Pretty Me blogging challenge in future months with a couple of smaller, more achievable targets I've got in mind.

I think I hinted in my original post that any decorating needed to be done on a small budget.  Well if I said minimal budget then that would have been more accurate.  I'm naturally quite thrifty and a little inventive I guess in using things for different purposes.  Recently this has become more trendy - but that's not why I do it.  I like that reusing things means less damage to the environment (and with me not working and having not yet won the lottery) a more frugal approach is beneficial!

We are fortunate that some filler and paint were left following our extension last year (to add a downstairs toilet and shower) which has meant paint purchasing has not been necessary.  The original stairs walls were in a bit of a state with cracking and uneven surfaces but I really tried to smooth these out a bit with the leftover filler.  A couple of similar colours mixed together (different hues of duck egg blue) meant that there was sufficient paint to complete the task.  Frugal indeed.

The original blackout blind had to go - it had been up since we moved in 8 years ago and was actually in our spare room in our last house.  It needed to be replaced despite serving us so faithfully as it had succumbed to the damp window.  I have a new blind which I purchased a couple of years ago in a charity shop (with the view that it would be useful at some point) and although it's not a great colour match, it tones in well enough.  I plan to add a few trims and maybe some buttons to it anyway to add a bit of interest.  I'll share that once I'm done.

I've been slowly working my way around the wood work with undercoat.  The last time I decorated I clearly thought it was a good idea to paint the railings an eau de nil colour and therefore I have to cover this with undercoat!  For the top coat I'm reverting to brilliant white this time with a satin finish.  I'm taking my time and having days off in between but I aim to finish the doors and railings by mid February - there are five doors and door frames on the landing.

I took down all my photo frames ready to paint the wall.  I like them up there even though it makes the space feel lighter with them down.  Photographs are such a major part of our home so they will go back up.  I may well update some of the pictures in the frames and I'm thinking I will paint the frames white to unify them a bit more.  They should stand out nicely against the pale duck egg blue once that is done.  You can't see the colour of the walls in this picture on the right - I'll try taking one earlier in the day to give a truer idea of the actual colour when I post the completion post!

That's my progress this past month.  I have really taken my time on this and tried to pace myself properly.  I've still had most of the usual stuff to do (although I've let lots slide) and my pain has spiked uncontrollably at times meaning that I've had to down tools for days at a time.  Progress has been slow but I feel positive about continuing this week.  Slow and steady... ticks on a list.

The Hubby is going to finish painting the walls as this has just proven beyond me physically at present - even with pacing and rest days.  Anyhow, the most important point is that it gets done and completed.  I will tick it off my list - just give me til the end of February to do it!

I have made much better progress on my Make Me challenge for January.  I'll be back with a Ta Dah soon!!

J9 x


  1. You're making fantastic progress, and I'm not surprised the painting has been too much for you, it's a major job, even for someone without constant pain. I love your wall of photos, it's something that always adds so much to a home I think. I'm wondering about making a photo area here as well. I'm sorry your pain has been so bad lately, I do hope it settles down soon. Have a good week Janine. CJ xx

  2. I think you're making excellent progress, especially given your health limitations. I really like your wall of photos, it's so good to have lots of them in the house. I hope you feel better soon, take it easy and be kind to yourself.

  3. I think that you have done an amazing amount! We would never do a decorating job on a one man basis in our house, so I don't think that having hubby and neighbour help is a problem at all! We had three people painting our hallway and stairs! I think you should give yourself a massive pat on the back and a great big high five for achieving such a huge job! Take it easy the rest of the way, remember, it isn't a race to the finish, it is a journey and enjoying that and taking your time is quite acceptable! I am sure that it looks wonderful as it sounds wonderful! xx

  4. I agree with CJ - painting is a strenuous job for anyone, especially when stairs are involved so don't get too frustrated. It doesn't matter how long it takes, as long as you take little steps frequently when you can. The trick is to stay motivated and focussed. It is easy to lose interest and give up when things feel like they are taking forever. The ticks on your list are a great way to remind yourself that you are actually making progress, even if it feels like you haven't. It is okay to rest. The job isn't going anywhere and will still be there to pick up when you are ready! When you are finally done, the satisfaction will be so much sweeter because of the challenges overcome.
    (I laid a brick path in my garden, 2 bricks at a time - it took me 9 months to complete, but better than not having done it at all.)
    Hang in there! :-)