Monday, 16 February 2015

Nearly There...

I'm working on the final round of edging on the Painted Roses blanket for my Mother - my January 'Make Me' challenge.  It has run over a little but the effort has been so worth it!

This has been a complete joy to work on and the end is very near.  Those teeny tiny flowers (found here) have been completed and their button centres added.

The blanket was then blocked and the flowers were added to each of the surrounding plain granny squares.  This added a nice bit of texture and also served to attach the fleece backing to the blanket.  I simply used embroidery thread to fix the flower to the front of the square and pulled it through to the back where I knotted it and cut off the thread to about an inch long.  A bit like some quilted fronts are fastened to their backs.  It was an easy solution and was perfectly functional without being too faffy!

Such joy.

I can't wait to share my Ta Dah post with you!!!  Happy half term folks.

J9 x

Edit - I originally omitted the link of the Painted Roses pattern by Sandra of Cherry Heart so am updating to include that - sorry!!


  1. What a beautiful blanket! Did you find that pattern in the book Simply Crochet by any chance?

    1. Hi Shirley - thanks for your comment! In my hurry I forgot to link back (tut tut) and must say that I found the pattern designed by the wonderful Sandra of Cherry Heart blog on her patterns page. I've now added the links above so please do have a look if you have missed it so far. I don't get the magazine but Sandra does often do projects for them too so it is possible that you have seen the pattern there too. Sandra has some wonderful patterns and this has been a pure delight to make. Thanks for reminding me - I was in such a rush I forgot to add the link. Anyhow, can't wait to show you the finished item! J9 x

  2. Beautifully made and beautifully photographed, I shall look forward to seeing it when it's completely finished. I love the neat way you've attached the little flowers, simple but effective. CJ xx

  3. What a gorgeous blanket. I love the colors. Your mother is going to appreciate it very much.

  4. Oooo! Can't wait for the Ta-dah either! It looks incredibly pretty from the pictures so far x

  5. It is looking really good! I like the little flowers for the middles of the edging squares, and that is a great way to join it all together too. I am sure that your Mum will be happy to wait for it to be done as it is so pretty! xx

  6. Ooh! I'm excited. Wednesday can't come fast enough!!