Friday, 6 February 2015

Happy Moments #2

Morning Lovely people and a big WELCOME to all you new followers and readers.  It's lovely to have you follow along and I look forward to getting to know you all a bit better in the year ahead!

It's been a mixed week in my part of the world.  Lots of good things and a few good challenges thrown in for good measure.  I was reading a leaflet on one of my newly diagnosed conditions last week and literally laughed out loud.  The one and only symptom in a long list that I didn't have was weight loss.  It seems the good Lord has a little giggle sometimes and thinks - ahhh, she can handle it but something she wants...nope!  Due to this diagnosis I've had to cut out caffeine and reduce sugar intake so perhaps the weight loss in future could be a by product of this.  It's strange how my will power (which has been so lacking in the last few months) has become cast iron in resolve since needing to do it to help with my symptoms.  Good strange though.

There have still been many things to be grateful for in my simple life.  Here are a few of the happy moments I've been thankful for in the last 10 days:

::  Signs of spring slowly becoming apparent.  These snowdrops were sheltered underneath an oak tree on a sunny bank.  Spring flowers are among my favourites and snowdrops just make my heart sing.  Whilst I don't hate winter, I do find that the cold and lack of sunlight exacerbates most of my symptoms.  I understand why so many people in their retirement winter in warmer climates!!  Still, these lovely flowers bring great joy.
::  Wonderous textures in our countryside.  The bark of some of these trees was gnarled and curved.  It created beautiful shapes and textures which just needed to be captured.  The bracket fungi growing on one tree was really prolific,

::  Precious moments with Little Lady as per our 'plan'.  Looming of 3D objects is the current obsession.  So many patterns identified through books and some through YouTube.  The cute picture is of a pink banana.  She has also made peas in a pod "Percy, Pat & Paul" and cheesy chips in a cute carton - very creative.

::  Grateful for medication that keeps me going and the ongoing care of Consultants new to me (through those recent referrals).  New diagnoses produce mixed emotions but also bring hope.  I start a new medication, which takes twelve weeks to start working but hopefully when it does... it could relieve some of my symptoms.

::My lovely 'little ones' playing along with "The Voice" on Saturday night.  They rigged up a system next to me in bed where they could press their makeshift paper button and turn around for the acts which they too found enjoyable.  I know I'm biased but their giggles were more entertaining than the show.  Little Man could do a great impression of Sir Tom Jones! 'Yeeaaah'

Hope there were many Simple Things to make you happy this week.

J9 x


  1. Gorgeous snowdrops, I've been noticing them dotted about as well. I do hope the new medication works well for you, fingers and everything else crossed. It looks very cosy having your little people snuggled up with you playing along with the Voice. I'm wishing you all a lovely weekend, I hope you manage to stay warm. CJ xx

  2. The snowdrops are so beautiful aren't they! I hope that the new treatments/diagnoses go well. xx

  3. Hi Janine, I've finally arrived at your site from the GYB party. The snowdrops are very pretty and always a harbinger of spring I think. Everything in our part of the world is past it's best now and it won't be long until winter is on us. Can't complain though, we've had a good summer :)
    I'm interested in catching up with your crafting and renovating so I'm following you.


  4. Hi! I hope your newest diagnosis doesn't plague you too much. You seem in good spirits - I hope giving up caffeine and sugar doesn't make you grumpy! Ha, ha! XXOXO